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13 September 2006 @ 07:40 pm
He leaned his guitar carefully against his desk, and then promptly collapsed onto his just-made bed.

"Saa~" Ueda Tatsuya let out a relieved sigh. He'd arrived at his new university at precisely 7am just that morning, checked in at the enrollment and registration offices, explored the campus, and unpacked his things at his dormitory. Shirokin's dorm rooms were spacious, positively huge--- Ueda smiled and glanced around at his bedroom. The dormitory rooms resembled hotel suites more than anything--- they even had their own living rooms and something like a kitchen, which was great, because Ueda didn't plan on living on cafeteria food for the time he would be living here. He rolled over on his stomach, his jet-black hair (it used to be tipped blonde, but he got tired of that) falling over his dark eyes, brushing against pale cheeks.

He'd gotten some weird looks from some of the other guys living in the dorm building, which was uncomfortable but understandable. Tatsuya looked more like a girl than a guy, and he knew that. He didn't like going out (he accepted his homebody tendencies), which meant that he wasn't very tan--- he was prettily pale, as his sister always told him. His dark hair was growing long, his bangs brushing wide dark eyes. And the outfit--- a plain black wool sweater with too-long sleeves that only revealed his fingertips, a pair of ripped black jeans and black Converse shoes--- added to the femininity, since the sweater looked a bit much on his slight frame. Tatsuya supposed he should be embarrassed... but really, he'd gone through that sort of misunderstanding practically his whole life, so it didn't really faze him anymore.

Tatsuya wondered briefly where his roommate was. When he'd gotten the acceptance letter from Shirokin, they included some information about the room arrangements; Tatsuya would be in Dorm 4 with one Murakami Shingo, a first-year Film major. Tatsuya hoped that Murakami Shingo wasn't the partying type. He didn't want to lock himself in his bedroom while his roommate invited people over, got drunk, and left Tatsuya to clean up the mess the morning after.

There really isn't anything I can do about him until he gets here, the effeminate-looking boy told himself, moving off his bed and padding barefoot on the hardwood floor of his bedroom--- he'd taken his shoes off at the front door. He'd check out the living room and kitchen, enjoy the peace of being the only one in the suite, and maybe his roommate would be moving in sometime soon.

Tatsuya opened the door to his bedroom, just as he heard a key being shoved in lock of the front door. Could that be Murakami Shingo?
06 September 2006 @ 10:54 am
(OOC: My compy's been being dumb... Is it safe to assume that the RP's been revamped? ^^")

He shuffled his feet onto what seemed like an endless flight of stairs- being, of course, the first fifteen steps that his wimpy body could handle. Shifting his arms, Tsuyoshi piled the bundle of loose luggage under his chin, and carefully stepped off the stairs at last.. Only to be faced by a stretch of doors and paneled signs.

"Dorm 7... Dorm 7.." he muttered, trying to see past the opaque cloth of his bags. Unfortunately, a looped handle of one of Tsuyoshi's bags had caught against an inconspicuous doorknob- effectively yanking away the cornerstone of his piled baggage.

'Abstain from swearing. Don't do it. Don't do it.' he mentally told himself. Bending down, Tsuyoshi started to pick up the scattered array of bags, trying to make sure none of them had burst on impact.

"I'll never make it to the dorm now!" he groaned, trying to put some pathetic effort in re-arranging his bags.
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04 September 2006 @ 12:29 am

"This day couldn't get worst..."

Maru gets off the bus and walks through Shirokin's gates. Backpack on his back and handbags on both hands, he stands in front of the main building gazing at it. 

Slowly, he moves to the admistration building to complete the registration process. 
After a few minutes, Maru comes out with a map of the dorms building and his schedule.

This was the day of his birthday and he was away from all his friends and family. Not what he had planned at all.
I hate being here.

He makes his way to the dorms and climbs the stairs. The bags were starting to bother him, he couldn't handle the weight. So, he decides to make a pile with the handbags and hold them up in his arms. Not a very bright idea, because now he couldn't balance them and he felt like they were going to fall at any minute.

Which finally did happen, when he was almost at his dorm, making an enormous sound when the bags hit the ground.

"Shit... What else's going to happen today..."

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03 September 2006 @ 06:38 pm
Nice. was the only thought that passed through the mind of one Matsumoto Jun as he entered his dormitory for the first time that semester. It was different from what he had expected.

I claim this bed.

He dropped his things into the closets that were provided. Unceremoniously. That was before he dropped himself onto his bed and closed his eyes.

At least I don't have any classes today.

He heard the entrance to the dormitory room shift open.

Must be my roommate. Great.

He didn't want to be forced to interact with anyone. He needed to sleep.
30 August 2006 @ 07:12 pm
Tanaka Koki heaved a sigh of relief as he reached Dorm 10. Finally, after a summer of waiting, here he was, Shirokin Daigaku. Registration in the administration building had been a complete bitch, but now he was happily here in his room, schedule and dorm key in hand.

Popping his headphones in, he started to unpack, singing along to the music as he began to settle in. He tried not to get too excited about the year ahead; his English classes, making more music, and of course, meeting new people.

Wonder where his roommate was...
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15 July 2006 @ 09:58 pm
Your Dorm
Dorm List

Dorm 1 > Tsubasa & Toma
Dorm 2 > Tackey & Yamapi
Dorm 3 > Mike & Jin
Dorm 4 > Ueda & Hina
Dorm 5 > Jun & Uchi
Dorm 6 > Koyama & Kusano
Dorm 7 > Tsuyoshi & Tsuyoshi
Dorm 8 > Subaru & Golf
Dorm 9 > Yoko & Ohkura
Dorm 10 > Koki & Junno
Dorm 11>  Maru & Taipi
Dorm 12> Goro

There. XDD;;