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Shirokin Daigaku

A Johnny's Entertainment AU Roleplay Community

Shirokin University ( A JE RP. :3)
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about the university

uni_shirokin is an alternate-universe, which means there are relationships to build, bonds to make and room mates to get used to. You have the choice whether you're a prep or a jock, whether you're a skeet, or skank. It's all depends who you want to be.

And because this is a school, there's going to be classes, depending on what you chose your major to be. It can be anything - English, Science, Arts, your pick. (Though they actually won't take place, you can get to know a person who's in your class, RP in class, etc.)

Have fun!


Every com needs rules- and this one has the golden 20. =D

o1. This RP is OOC, alternate-universe. Which means, no one really knows each other, Ryo can't magically know Uchi. They're in a school, they need to built friendships. Unless there's a plausible reason why they would know each other, and it can't have anything to relate with JE.

o2. Once entering a roleplay, members are required to become with the evident storyline.

o3. God-modding, twinking, etc. is strictly forbidden. Any members who reflect such characteristic traits will be removed and banned from the roleplay after 3 tries. We will contact you each time you do so, and if you continued, consider yourself banned.

o4. Give respect where respect is due. Which is everywhere.

o5. Avoid OOC conflict; no one enjoys drama. Leave it at the roleplay itself. (Because we'll need a lot of it!)

o6. Do not interfere with the current storyline if it is already showing signs of heavy development.

o7. As minors have free access to the posts, just warn us in the beginning of the post. Don't complain if you end up reading NC-17 or shonen-ai, since there will be a warning at the beginning of them. It was your choice to read it, not ours.

o8. Do not argue with what the mods say. We know what's best for the community.

o9. Be prepared to accept critisism.

1o. One muse for the time being. We don't want mass confusion within characters- and because we need to see how things go with one character before people indulge in more.

11. Don't overdo fights between characters, it ruins plot.

12. Try and stay true to their real character. We don't expect to see Ryo being a quiet, innocent boy anytime soon.

13. Any OOC comments must be placed within brackets except (...) these type, due to how it's used regularly.

14. RPing is through the com through LJ posts, though even so, muses can't magically know things just because their mun knows.

15. Random Japanese is not permitted, with the exception of footnotes at the end of the post, yet it isn't recommended.

16. Words linked to pictures is not permitted within the roleplay. Honestly, when you read a novel, does it have footnotes at the bottom of each page with a link of what they're wearing? It's story-mode, enjoy describing things.

17. Have the time, date and place in the subject title of posts.

18. Please keep drama realistic.

19. Though not much of a rule, try and keep in focus with their studies. After all, they're university students, and unless you want to make your poor Johnny suffer with the re-taking of courses, mention class in your post every once in a while.

20. Have fun!

to apply

If you want to claim a muse, please fill our the following information, and send it all as an e-mail to shirokin.mods@gmail.com! After receving the e-mail, checking it, you will get a response whether you were accepted and invited to the community, or not.

Mun's name: (Your name goes here.)
Muse's name: (Your character's name goes here. Even if it's not in our claims list, and he's part of Johnny's, we'll accept him. ;D So if he's not in our list, blame me for not knowing who your muse was. ;D )
Major: ( What is your character taking here at Shirokin? )
What year?: (How many years has your muse been taking here at Shirokin- make it appropriate to their age though, please!)
Your muse's LJ: ( Please post your muse's LJ as LJ User tag in here )
Your MSN / AIM / Yahoo! : ( So the others can contact you. );
Writing sample (thirdperson, storymode): (Doesn't have to be too long. ;D )
Comments: (Comment if you want?)

student list
° Matsumoto Jun ( amai_oujisama ) | International Studies Language Major | First Year

Kanjani8 (閑ジャニ∞)
° Shibutani Subaru ( shibutanisubaru ) | Performing Arts | First Year
° Uchi Hiroki ( hiddenhiroki ) | English | First Year
° Yokoyama Yu ( kimitan ) | Business | Second Year
° Murakami Shingo ( murakami_shingo ) | Film, minor in English | First Year
° Ohkura Tadayoshi ( ohkuratadayoshi ) | Performing Arts | First Year

° Akanishi Jin ( bakanishijin ) | Design | Second Year
° Taguchi Junnosuke ( immaturing ) | Astronomy | First Year
° Tanaka Koki ( tanaka_koki ) | English | First Year
° Ueda Tatsuya ( tatsueda ) | English Literature, minor in music | First Year
° Nakamaru Yuichi ( marubeat ) | Performing Arts | First Year

° Yamashita Tomohisa ( kurosaki_konkon ) | Business | First Year
° Uchi Hiroki ( hiddenhiroki ) | English | First Year
° Koyama Keiichiro ( koyakei ) | Languages | First Year
° Kato Shigeaki RESERVED
° Tegoshi Yuya RESERVED
° Kusano Hironori ( mixmasterkusano ) | Performing arts (dance) | First Year

Tackey & Tsubasa (ターキ&翼)
° Takizawa Hideaki ( sostackeyluv ) | Business | Second Year
° Imai Tsubasa ( imaitsu ) | Biological Sciences | Second Year

° Kimura Takuya RESERVED
° Kusanagi Tsuyoshi ( tsuyo_kusanagi ) | Performing Arts | First Year
° Inagaki Goro ( yuutsu_inagoro ) | Languages and Photography | First Year

KinKi Kids
° Domoto Kouichi RESERVED
° Domoto Tsuyoshi ( cool_tsuyoshi ) | Design/Fine Arts (Minor in Languages)| First Year

° Miyake Ken RESERVED

° Nagase Tomoya ( nagase_tomoya ) | English | First Year

° Golf ( golf_pichaya ) | Digital design | First Year
° Mike ( mikemikeybee ) | Performing arts | First Year

° Ikuta Toma ( chibi_panda ) | History (Minor in Asian Studies) | First Year

° Goseki Koichi RESERVED
° Tsukada Ryoichi RESERVED